The Dripswitch (Red)

The Dripswitch is a new product from The Early Hours for your home - a ceramic light-switch plate that bleeds off your wall.

- Fits standard American light switch fixtures - rocker panel style coming soon

- Made of ceramic and enamel paint

- Includes two matching screws



Note - this product has a flat back, it may not sit completely flush to the wall depending on wall finish and hardware in your home. Even still, it should provide sufficient coverage to any electrical wiring. 

Orders ship via USPS Priority Mail or USPS International First Class within 3-5 business days of purchase. (No guarantee that this will fit any fixture outside of the USA. Screws are approx. 6cm apart from center holes. Please contact for more info.)

Free returns on unused items (USA only) within 15 days of shipment 

Type: Home Goods

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