The Early Hours Clothing produces apparel, accessories, home goods and media inspired by the late nights we sacrifice to follow our dreams.  From artists and entrepreneurs to athletes and hustlers and everyone in between, we share one thing in common - we choose to give up our sleep and normal lives so we can do what we love. 
The Early Hours is owned and operated by Clif and Loren, current residents of Austin, Texas. We are grateful and humbled to have shipped products to over 25 countries at this point, not including the USA, gaining friendships with some amazing people along the way. 
We started in November 2011, fresh out of school in Chicago, with an idea. Clif grew up in Texas, where everyone wore a Polo no matter the occasion. People wore them to school, to church, to go out at night, to go to lunch the next day. It was easy to dress up or dress down, and comfortable in any weather. Reflecting on this one night over some beers with friends, Clif thought...what if we took one of the most popular symbols in American universities, and put that on a Polo to market toward college kids? 
(The second batch of our original Red Cup Polo...The Brolo)
The Red Cup Polo was born. Originally in a Royal Blue, the first batch sold quickly and we moved into more colors, long sleeve tees, and soon our first Outdoors Caps (now known in pop culture as a Dad Cap). We were selling well locally, but Clif realized quickly that after attending a fine arts university, he didn't know how to reach the mainstream college crowd that he perceived as the biggest market for the product. The brand could go two ways...find someone to help shape the marketing, or make the brand about more than partying and wasting time. 
The potential already existed in the name The Early Hours to be something more than a party brand. It was fun and games at first, but if Clif and Loren wanted to take it seriously, to potentially turn this product into a brand and a business that could support them, it had to be something they were passionate about. 
Now a days, Clif will tell you that the brand is a reflection of himself, all of his hobbies and passions wrapped up into one package. But it took time, and lots of energy, to get to where the brand is today. The Double Cup (styrofoam) came after the Red Cup, a nod to Texas hip-hop. The Bolt Cutter collection came after that, from a love for graffiti and exploration. Finally, years later the Candle burning at both ends was introduced, to reflect all of the late nights and early mornings we had put into the brand. 
Adopting a mindset of growth, the brand now supports an active community of entrepreneurs, artists, hustlers, and go-getters in every sense of the word. People in all types of professions and careers and hobbies can relate to our message, one of our earliest adopted slogans - Never Hesitate, Never Surrender. Once you know what you want, go get it, and don't stop for anything. It's been a wild learning process for us along the way, but we're grateful for every lesson and every triumph.  
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Thank you for being a part of The Early Hours, whether you've bought product from us, follow us on social, or just want to reach out to say hello. We love you all and can't wait to see where the night takes us. 
You can reach us with any questions at earlyhoursco@gmail.com